Masha and the Bear: Good Night!




Fun stories with Masha


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Have fun with Masha and all her friends in the children's app Masha And The Bear: Good Night! Enjoy characters such as the wolf, bunny, pig and bear, each one with its own mini-game! Help the animals complete all sorts of tasks in the mini-games, from cleaning their rooms to eating sausages.

Masha and the Bear: Good Night! has a varied gameplay, as each mini-game is played a bit differently. That being said, everything is very intuitive, most games only require interacting with an item by pressing and dragging. And there are dozens of items to interact with!

Masha and the Bear: Good Night! is an entertaining game for all children, but especially those familiar with the popular cartoon. It offers relatively good graphics and a great variety of mini-games.

Requires Android 4.1 or higher

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